Q: This sounds like fun! How do I register for a class or event?

A: Online is the quickest & easiest way to register!  Check out our calendar, pick your class and register right there anytime.  Once you complete your registration and pay online, you are all set! Just show up with your drinks and snacks ready to have a good time! 


Q: When are classes held?

A:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for adult BYOB classes and Saturday or Sunday afternoons for Family Paint Classes. Occasionally we will hold classes on other nights as well.  Check the calendar for the latest class schedule. Private parties can be booked any day per request.


Q: How Much Are Classes?

A: $35 for a 2hr adult BYOB class and $45 for a 3hr adult BYOB class.  Our family paint classes are $25. The whole family is welcome to our weekend brunch painting classes as well.


Q: How long are the Classes?

A: Classes are typically 2 or 3 hrs long.  Occasionally, we will host special classes or events that will range from 1 to 4 hrs.  Join our newsletter to learn about special events and classes as soon as they are announced.


Q: What can I expect?

A: We provide step-by-step instruction for the painting selected, in a relaxed atmosphere complete with great music and a cool vibe.  All the painting materials needed are supplied.  Just come (with something yummy to drink and snack on) ready to paint and have fun and then take your painting home while we do the cleaning up! 


Q: Why do I need a reservation?

A: Your reservation holds your spot in the class and gives us time to set up for you before arrival.  Although not recommended, if you happen to be in the area, feel free to stop in prior to class starting and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


Q: Will I get to sit with my friends if we register separately?

A:  We set up seating per registration and do our best to seat you and your party together.  If you are registering with a group of 4 or more, you can indicate during the registration process the group you want to sit with.


Q: What should I wear?

A: There is no dress code, feel free to dress up or not as you wish.  However, we paint with acrylic paint so wear something you wouldn't mind adding a little paint to... permanently. Don't worry, aprons are also provided.


Q: What if I’m pregnant?

A: Our acrylic paint is non-toxic, so it is safe for children and expectant mothers 


Q: What time should I show up my class?

A: It's essential to show up on time for your scheduled class. Our studio will be open 15 minutes before the scheduled class time so feel free to come in early so you can mingle and get settled before class starts.  Painting will begin approximately 15 minutes after the scheduled class time depending on the class size. Late arrivals will miss important class instruction and should not expect individual "catch up" instruction from the instructor or assistant. We cannot guarantee late arrivals will be able to catch up and there will be no extension of class time for late arrivals.


Q: When do I get to take home my painting?

A: You take it with you when you leave. The painting will be dry enough to take home right away.


Q: Do you have cork screws and glasses?

A: Yes, we supply bottle openers, cups, utensils and ice.


Q:  What if I want to paint something else?

A: At any of our classes, you are more than welcome to be creative and add your own personal touches to the painting.  You can also free feel to paint your own thing, we won't mind.  Keep in mind however that the instructor will only be teaching the class painting and will NOT give any other instruction.


Q: How far in advance can I register for a class?

A: 2 months out.  We will post class schedules two months out so you have enough time to plan.  Private parties can be booked anytime.  


Q: When do you post the new class schedule?

A:  Around the 15th of each month.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can receive new class listings via email as soon as they are up.


Q: What is the age requirement for adult classes?

A: Our Adult Classes are intended for adult painters due to the difficulty level of the paintings and the BYOB atmosphere, but we will allow painters aged 13+ if accompanied by an adult.


Q: Can children under 13 paint?

A:  Yes! Family Classes are offered on weekends and are for all ages. We also offer private parties for the younger crowd.


Q: Can I book a private party?

A:  Absolutely!  We would love to host a private party to celebrate any and all occasions – birthdays, showers, family reunions, fundraisers, corporate events, office co-worker gatherings, church gatherings etc.  Parties can feature a 2hr or 3hr painting or be longer per request.  We are also happy to work with you to customize your event. We can provide food, cake, décor and additional entertainment options as needed per request.  Click here for more information and to book a party!


Q:  Can I book you for a private party at my location?

A:  We would love to bring the party to you! We can host an event at your residence, business or any other venue provided chairs and tables needed for the size of your group are available.  We will bring all the art supplies – canvas, paint etc.  – you just need to supply the food and drinks.  Click here for more information and to book a party!


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Please see our Cancellation/Refund policy directly below. 

For Public Classes: Cancellations made before 48 hours of the event can receive a FULL REFUND or CREDIT towards another event. Cancellations made between 24 – 48 hours of the event will receive ONLY a CREDIT towards another event. Cancellations made less than 24 hours of the event are not subject to a credit or refund.

For Private Parties:  A full refund or credit towards another party is only available if you cancel at least 7 days prior to the event. * Please note:  Groups of 4 or more making a reservation for a public class are subject to the Private Party cancellation policy. 

**Class Cancellation/Inclement Weather Policy: We reserve the right to cancel a class as needed. If A Sip of Art cancels the class due to inclement weather (or for other unforeseen reasons) you will receive a FULL REFUND or CREDIT towards a future event. If A Sip of Art is open during inclement weather but you are unable to get to us, you may transfer your reservation to another class 


*** Important to note:
During each class we reserve the right to take photos for possible use on our social media sites. If you do not want your picture taken for these purposes, be sure to let us know so we respect your privacy.  We also encourage you to take your own pictures and share on your social media! Please tag us when you do for a chance to win some cool prizes!

Upcoming Events

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Sunday, August 20,2017
FROM 10:00am to 12:00pm


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